This website is back!

Looks like my servers and websites have all decided to take some holidays and go offline, fortunately not at the same time. Some weeks ago, it was that decided that some days sleeping would be good, after its domain went down (causing the change to a new one and the whole service rebranding). And more recently, the VPS where I was (yes, was) hosting this blog, which by its turn was hosted in a friend’s dedicated server, went down the trash too: the guys at the provider my friend uses decided to play around with the hard drive of the dedicated server, and we ended up without any of data that was in it.

Unlike what’s usual, this time I had backups (yepeee!). But as always, they were outdated (from January!) and consisted of a WordPress export file. So, I didn’t have any backup of the server configuration or the other scripts and data I had in the server. Conclusion: I had to set up everything from scratch – but wait, first, I need to explain: my friend offered to install WordPress for me, (as I’m very busy with real life, I’ll explain later), but he used CentOS, and since I really don’t like CentOS and there were some tiny “wrong” details in the WordPress config (just a matter of personal choice: I do not like to use “admin” as the admin username, even for security reasons), I reloaded the VPS with Ubuntu.

*Ubuntu: I would have used Debian, if it weren’t for the fact the software in its repos is, although stable, far from being the latest version. And my idea of “stable-recent” ratio for software is not quite the same as Debian’s idea.

As I was saying, I had to setup everything from scratch on a new VPS, on another dedicated server that’s not from the same provider (but the dedi is from the same friend). That means some hours around the shell installing and configuring nginx, PHP and MySQL, as well as configuring WordPress-specific rewrite rules and other server settings – and I’m not finished yet, the current settings are not how I’d like them to be.

I said above I was very busy with real life: yes I am, I’m busy with lots of school work, and I’m also a bit tired of the online world for now (the part of the internet I use/follow has no news lately, things are pretty boring currently). But today I had a school trip for the whole day that got me really tired, and when I got home, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to study anything for the school tests I’m taking in the next weeks. I had a server to configure and a blog to restore, and thought I could use the free time… and here I am, blogging when it’s almost midnight on my clock.

Despite the hours spent, I’d say my work has been done without major problems. I’m getting either too used to installing nginx+php+mysql, or it’s because it is/was Friday 13th.

Yeah, is/was. It’s four past midnight.

EDIT: this server is now much faster, its host was suffering from some misconfiguration – again, my friends are awesome and fixed it 🙂


  1. Well gbl08ma, nice things you have there.
    Why don’t you blame the DC and tasrts posting who runs it, how it is run and why the old site failed? Yu did it with me and David, so you have to be fair.

    Normally, if it was someone else you dealt with, and not me, your site will be down. What willl happen if someone asks you for a sudo accuont to your VPS, and if you deny, he talks with your host and gets your site taken down?
    End thing is, You gotta be careful about what you post. It might bring unwanted consequences.

    • luis123456 w/ IP 190.183.161.***:
      Actually the server change to an European (Luxembourg) server was something that was already being planned when the dedicated server failed. So the failure only sped up something that we were delaying partly because of my laziness to move to another server.

      I think it is very clear in the post why the old server failed. (And by the way, Humza’s dedicated server is still not working, he’s looking for the boot partition). Since it’s a sponsored dedi, as you very well know, the provider provides no support. So Humza has nobody to help him other than his friends.

      I don’t fully understand the subject of the second paragraph of your comment, specially the part about “sudo accuont” which my auto-correction sense tells me it means “accounts with root and/or admin privileges”. I don’t have to provide root rights to anyone whether they ask me or not. And if there are hosts that take their clients’ websites and servers down based on the facts of someone who *thinks* they should have root rights to a clients’ server, I don’t go with them. If I did in the past, then such unfortunate episodes are the reason why I’m not with them anymore. Having sponsored servers is a great way to know who you should pay when you want a quality service later. Well, there are some providers which I’m not paying anything anytime soon.

      I publish my work and posts taking advantage of my self-expression right. I have always tried to not post anything inappropriate or wrong facts about people and subjects, because my liberty ends where others’ liberty starts. If you feel I have said something wrong or inaccurate about you or other parties, please kindly point me to where I say those things and I’ll evaluate such sentences again.

  2. Well, I wrote that n a hurry. It’s something that happened to me ina minecraft server.

    I reworded it for you to understatnd.

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