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All of my Prizm add-ins are unsupported on current OS versions. They have not been tested on these versions and I can’t guarantee nasty things are not happening behind the scenes which could damage your calculator. I have stopped developing for the fx-CG series years ago, I no longer follow the custom add-in development scene, my add-ins will not receive further updates. Their source code is available on GitHub for anyone who wants to fork them and continue development subject to the terms of their respective licenses.

Thank you for your understanding.

Own a Casio Prizm? Please take five minutes (probably less) to fill my survey on product IDs. It’s as easy as looking at the back of your calculator and typing 15 characters. No personal information is collected. Thank you!

I developed some add-ins for the Casio Prizm series of graphic calculators (fx-CG10 and fx-CG20; some add-ins are compatible with the fx-CG50 and Graph 90+E). The software is available for download directly from a server of mine, sometimes from Cemetech and sometimes from Casiopeia.



The Utilities add-in is exactly what its name says: an add-in full of utilities not originally found on the Casio Prizm calculators. This includes:

  • Clock, with time and date and the tools for adjusting them;
  • 20 chronometers (can go up or down) with accuracy as good as the 128 Hz tick allows (it’s better than 1/100 of a second);
  • Tool to fine-adjust the backlight level (from 0 to 244, versus the 1 to 5 provided by the OS);
  • Tools to adjust the poweroff and backlight timeout to values not possible through the OS default tools;
  • Power information (read battery voltage level, power source, battery setting and more);
  • Many lantern types (make an expensive and inefficient lantern out of your Prizm);
  • Calendar with agenda (add, edit, view and delete events on days, search events, week and month views, and much more);
  • Task list (add, edit, view and delete tasks, which are basically calendar events without dates);
  • File manager (rename, move and copy files and folders, with long-file-name support and non-capital letters support). Also allows for opening text files, compressing and decompressing files in a special format, and searching for files;
  • Text editor (create and edit text files);
  • Balance manager (manage your pocket money);
  • Password generator;
  • TOTP authenticator (like Google Authenticator and compatible with it, but on a calculator);
  • Graphical memory usage viewing tool (check how much Main and Storage Memory is used with nice progress bars);
  • Add-in manager (choose which add-ins are available for launching in the Main Menu without having to delete them);
  • Function key color selection (select the color of the function key labels throughout the OS; I recommend blue if you’re tired of black);
  • System information viewer – view the OS and bootloader version and timestamps, calculator model information, Renesas CPU version registers and the unique device ID.
  • Calculator lock with numeric code (like CGlock but more advanced);
  • A way to save the current time as a decimal number to the OS alpha variable T (you can use this on Run-Mat and almost everywhere by pressing ALPHA and then the division key).
  • Lots of settings to make the add-in behave the way you like.

All this in a binary file under 185 KiB!

Version 2.1 of this add-in was released on June 21, 2016, with this most likely being the last release; at this point Utilities is stable and full-featured, as you see in the above list. New releases will only happen to fix bugs, without increasing the feature list. I have tried very hard to make sure this add-in provides something useful for everyone who owns a Prizm.

Download g3a

Download ZIP of edition with support for running PicoC scripts – More information about PicoC

Thread at Cemetech

GitHub repo

This add-in runs on the newer Prizm models fx-CG50 and Graph 90+E, and most things appear to work, but it has never been officially tested on these models. As always, use at your own risk.

Image viewer

View JPEG and PNG images on your Prizm. Progressive or lossless JPEG and interlaced PNG not supported. Has strip functionality for linking (not embedding) images on eActivites. Stable version 1.1 is out! More information on the Thread at Cemetech, or download the g3a – just copy to your calculator (out of any folder!) to install.

This add-in supports the newer Prizm models fx-CG50 and Graph 90+E.

Eigenmath port

Screenshot of my Eigenmath port

Screenshot of my Eigenmath port

I ported the Eigenmath symbolic math engine, by George Weigt, to the fx-CG 10/20 calculators. Version 1.0, stable, is available for download, with all the results matching the ones given by the PC version. Updating is heavily recommended, because there are lots of new features in comparison to the first release, not to mention more ability, stability, and many bug fixes.

This port includes a function catalog, ability to create and execute scripts, draw graphs, and much more. All 100+ Eigenmath commands work. Output is pretty-printed whenever possible, and 200 lines of output are stored for scrolling at any time. Command execution can be stopped. The state of the add-in is optionally automatically saved when exiting. This add-in can also act as a eActivity strip.

Download or find more, updated information on the thread at Cemetech. GitHub repo.

For the time being, this add-in does not support the newer Prizm models fx-CG 50 and Graph 90+E.

Discontinued software:

These add-ins do not support the newer Prizm models fx-CG 50 and Graph 90+E.


An add-in that lets you protect your calculator with a 4-digit code. It can be set up to automatically turn off the calculator when it is locked, to not show the Casio logo (and consequently the owner information) at turn off, and to open Run-Matrix after the correct unlock code is entered. If the Prizm is rebooted or the batteries are taken off, the calculator goes unlocked – so this program only provides mild security for your calculator (you can always epoxy the reboot hole and the batteries compartment, but do so at your own risk).

It saves the code and the settings in the main memory. I have some ideas for new features, such as hashing the code for extra safety and implementing CGlock’s own owner information display, since the Casio one is easily crackable, which I’ll implement when I have time and feel in mood.

Download from Cemetech


OverClui is a tool for overclocking the Prizm’s CPU based on the work of Ashbad and brijohn at Cemetech. The difference between this and their own tool, Pover, is that this one has a nicer GUI, and is more noob-friendly. It doesn’t let users overclock to 101.5 MHz but only to 94.3 MHz to avoid problems, even though recently I found out some calculators don’t handle the 94.3 MhZ speed and thus can only to 87 MHz safely.

Use at your own risk, no warranty provided. If the calculator shows a “SYSTEM ERROR” message when overclocking to 94.3 MHz, please press EXIT to reboot, don’t overclock to that speed again (which also means you won’t be able to run the latest version of the game Gravity Duck on your calculator) and let me know in the comments.

Download from Cemetech


  1. Very nice, I always look forward to seeing your projects. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. This website looks good!
    I’ll try out the utilities addin now.

  3. Really great work.

  4. when will the beta 7 be out? I can’t stop to image it.

    • Beta 7 of Eigenmath? Well, the truth is that since Beta 6 I haven’t added much and since it appears to be stable, I may just release 1.0 and then add features from there.

  5. Can you make a eigenmath for 9860 or 9750?

    • I don’t code for these calculators, sorry. I know there’s already a port to the fx9860G (in fact, it came before mine), but it doesn’t work very well, and gives wrong results.

  6. Hi There,

    Was wondering if there is documentation concerning all the Prizm file types and the calculator file folders they are associated with.

    Also have a couple of feature suggestions for your Eigenmath utility: display of repeating decimals and numerical decomposition of a number into its prime factors. Both these features are found on the Casio FX-115 ES Plus, but not on the Prizm !!

    Thanks for all the support you provide for the Prizm.

    Regards, Jordan.

    • There are not specific filetypes for each folder, you can store anything anywhere you want. I think there are pages on the internet with information on each file extension.

      To factor a number into its primes in Eigenmath, use the ‘factor’ command. Eigenmath can not display repeating decimals.


  7. Hi Gabriel,

    Thanks for letting me know about the prime factorization feature in Eigenmath and for all you do to support Prizm development.

    Regards, Jordan.

  8. hi, i love Utilities but i have a question, utilities spend more battery than the normal, i say that becouse the clock:)
    When i turn off in the utilities MENU, or when i “lock” the calculator and turn off, the calculator stucks and i need to invoke bootcode to reinstall OS, please continue your good work! 🙂


    • That’s very very strange, please uninstall (delete) Utilities from the calculator while I investigate. Are you using the latest version (1.3)? Could you send me the utilities.g3a you have on the calculator? (my email is gbl08ma at, you can write in Portuguese)

      What is the version of the OS on the calculator? And I suppose the model is a fx-CG 20? Has the calculator ever been sent for repairs?

      Also, Utilities doesn’t increase battery usage: the clock is always running no matter if Utilities is installed or not. Utilities merely provides an interface for seeing and setting the clock.


  9. hello gbl08ma I’m a big fan of your work I have eigenmath since first version and it is a very good app.

    I think that you can program easily Bode diagrams nyquist diagrams and root locus in eigenmath extending the capabilities of eigenmath

    thank you very much

    • I have not replied to you on the Cemetech thread when you mentioned that, because I don’t plan on implementing such features. This is a port of Eigenmath and the idea is not to extend the capabilities of Eigenmath. Additionally, understanding the Eigenmath code and adding math functions to it is extremely complicated, as one needs to first translate the math problems into a series of steps that can be parsed and never fail, then code an universal way to solve them, and finally find a way to display the solution. If you had tried to implement those things yourself, or even just read the previous posts at Cemetech which discuss why it’s so hard to add math function X or Y to Eigenmath, you’d know about this already.

  10. I would like to know if it is possible to lock a folder

  11. I have the “fx-CG 20” how do you compile your source code to *.g3a. Can you explain this?

    • You need to set up a development environment, preferably on a Linux machine, see . Use GCC 4.8.2 instead of the other even-more-ancient versions they mention on that page, in order to ensure the code works as expected (I know it doesn’t when compiled with GCC 5.x nor with GCC 4.9.x).

      Then you should use my fork of libfxcg, available at , instead of the official libfxcg. I may be missing some details but out of my head these are the crucial differences from a normal PrizmSDK setup.

  12. Hi there, after you add the add- in to your calculator, how do you transfer files/ open them on the calculator?

    • I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Transferring files is done the same way you transfer add-ins, that is, by connecting the calculator in disk storage mode over USB and copying files to it. Opening them on the calculator, well, it depends on the file type. Without add-ins only certain Casio-specific file types can be opened (g1e, g2e and g3e for eActivity, g3m for main memory files, g3p for pictures…).

      Using the Utilities add-in you’ll also be able to open JPEG images from inside Utilities (use the Files option, then browse to the file and press EXE twice), and view TXT (plain text) files.

      Using the Image Viewer you’ll be able to open JPEG as well as PNG images.

  13. Thanks for your answer on my question.

    Can you remove my question or edit my Name, Please. And don’t make this public.

    Thank you

  14. Very usefull utility, thank you.

    How to use the T variable?

    ALPHA T in run-matrix will just leave the same number every time.

    Brgds. Harry

    • On the Utilities clock screen, you need to press X,theta,T (the key below ALPHA). A message will appear. You need to do this every time you want to save the current time to the variable T. You can then use it throughout the OS, but its value won’t change until you update it by pressing X,theta,T in Utilities.

      If you have any more questions, just ask.

  15. Thank you for your CAS program for Prizm, Eigenmath . That helps me a lot and I save money to buy another calculator with CAS!
    By the way, will there be any update of it?

    • Nice to see you’re happy with it. There won’t be any updates, as I considered it finished a long time ago. Certain things could certainly be slightly improved, but I’ve moved on from Prizm projects.

  16. When I use Eigenmath on my CG-10 today, I find there is a small problem of it.
    I am going to have the integral of “1/(x*√(4x²+9))”
    Casio fx-CG 10 with Eigenmath runs for 2 minutes and returns “can not find out a solution”;
    HP 49g gets a result in 30 seconds, as an emulator on my Samsung Galaxy S3.
    Ti 89 can also have a result.
    Well, it seems that Eigenmath can be better. : )

    • These limitations exist in the original Eigenmath, they are not my responsibility.

  17. daniel orquera
    June 16, 2016 - 03:52

    hace usted un excelente trabajo los felicito, no se si tendría un programa para integra y derivar indefinidamente por que el eigenmath no resuelve si la integral o deriva es muy cimplicada, agradecerle de antemano por su excelente trabajo

  18. Thanks for your work. Just purchased a CG50, and are very curious to try PicoC.

  19. eigenmath please support newer fx-cg50 and graph90+e

  20. Please, read the post accurately. Eigenmath is not created by gbl08ma, he only ported it to the Casio fx-CG.

    Utilities are amazing, a pitty you decided to discontinue it.

  21. hi can you tell us what programming environment you use to make programs for the fx-CG50, and what OS you use (Linux/Windows)
    ok thanks

  22. Awesome! I absolutely LOVE Utilities. Image Viewer is great, but all of my JPEG files are lossless JPEG, so that’s a bit of a bummer. I can just convert my JPEG files to g3p. The Eigenmath port has a severe visual glitch where pixels aren’t turning off. Overclui works on my CG-50, and the speed my calculator runs at now is crazy; it’s really helpful for some of the programs I’ve made that take a little while to run through all the math. I didn’t try CGlock because Utilities has a function for that. Overall, your add-ins are amazing, and I really hope you make some more in the future!

  23. Hey, I own a Casio FX-CG50 graphing calculator.

    I had set my username and organisation name over a long time ago and set a password too. Now, I seem to have forgotten the password. In hindsight, the name I set was not really appropriate and I really want to change it. I don’t mind resetting the calculator completely because I have all my add-ins backed up, but no reset in the calculator menu wipes the user info.

    I’ve put this on a bunch of forums, where I ran into this website and kinda posting this as a hail mary.

    Is there any add-in that can either retrieve my password or wipe my calculator?

  24. I have the Casio FX-CG50, and I am trying to change the function key color in the Utilities program, but it won’t work. Is it because you the program isn’t fully functional on the CG50?

    • Yes, my add-ins were not designed for the fx-CG 50 and they do not work correctly with recent OS versions on the fx-CG 10 and 20 either. These programs are now unmaintained and won’t receive further updates from me.

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