Music “recommendation” service

Some years ago, I followed a blog […]. I liked much of the music that was shared there, and somehow it worked best for me than any recommendation engine. […] In the hope that there may be someone out there with a taste for music mostly similar to mine and lucky enough to get to this website, starting May 2015 I’ll share in this page the monthly additions to my music collection. Hopefully this will also answer the “what do you even listen to” question that pops up among friends from time to time.

A few years later, all the music recommendation/discovery engines I know are like this: 60% of the suggestions don’t fit my taste and the other 40% are already in my collection. What about starting to do some sound analysis instead of blindly following things like LastFM’s “related” list of artists and (often incorrect) genre tags? The suggestions SoundCloud puts to play, automatically, after finishing a track, are the closest I have heard to actually finding music similar to what I was listening, but I may have just been lucky so far.

Let’s see how this goes.