Sparkling Gambol One™

“We’re adding another dimension to computing.”
Cliché and meaningless, but go on. I guess this is something revolutionary

“Where digital respects the physical.”
Because, currently, digital somehow violates the laws of the universe?

“And they work together to make life better.”
“they”? who’s “they”? Oh, digital and physical, sorry. You really should learn to use commas instead of periods. So the digital and physical work together, uh? My guess is that this is about a robot.

“Magic Leap One is built for creators who want to change how we experience the world.”
Finally, now you’ve told me who it is for, and it probably helps to “change how we experience the world”, because it’s for creators who want to do that.
You still haven’t told me what it is or what it does, and bonus points for jamming the “creators” cliché in there! Congratulations, you have passed your final assignment in Unicorn University :unicorn: of Shitty Vaporware Descriptions :poop: with the grade of: flying colors :sparkles: !