New Virtual Private Server

I was having certain problems with the VPS luis123456 gave me… and after some personal conflicts with him related to the VPS he gave me (not this one, the other from Hostrail (HR)), I decided to swap it by a different one distributed by This decision was higly promoted by the fact that the other VPS got reloaded again yesterday.

The other, HostRail VPS I’m talking about was the one that hosted and, so these services will be unavailable for a while (editor’s note: they won’t be available, for ever). As I got a up-to-date backup of the HR VPS, it will be easier to bring everything back to life.

Specifications for this new VPS:

  • 512MB RAM (1GB Burst/Swap) (higher than the HR one, which was 256MB guaranteed/512MB swap)
  • 20GB disk space (lower than the previous one, which was 30GB)
  • 1TB of Bandwidth (1000GB and not 1024, not that makes much difference), which is much more than the HR one, with just 300GB of BW.
  • SolusVM control panel (the same as the VPs that is hosting this website)
  • Provided by and located in Dallas, TX, USA – So, now I have a UK European VPS and another one located in USA.

I must thank for providing this VPS to In fact, a VPS with half of this specs costs $3.00/month according to their website, so my VPS is worth $6.00/month or more.

Hopefully, soon I’ll have (URL shortener) and (image hosting) back to life soon (Editor’s note: not anymore), on another and hopefully more reliable server. Not that Hostrail is bad: it’s just that my VPs was inside luis123456′s VPS, and he rebuilt and shutdown my VPS as he wanted. Now things will be different, I hope.

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