l.f.nu is down

…it will be back with a new domain, this time paid, and things will be done for real – I promise.
What happened was that the owner of the f.nu domain took over the subdomain l.f.nu and built his own URL shortener. I tried to negotiate merging l.f.nu with f.nu, but the other party didn’t reply in enough time, so the offer is closed.
This time, I’m doing things for real, with a paid domain. Doing things for real also means doing things for real profit, but don’t worry, I won’t mine your shorten URLs with ads – on this subject, things will keep as they were before: a toolbar with one ad which is forcibly enabled after the link has more than 250 hits.
Sorry for all inconvenience; again, like it was when 4.l.to became l.f.nu, all links will work, only the domain changes (just replace l.f.nu with the new domain). About the new domain, I’ll have to keep it as a secret until at least tomorrow…


  1. Sebastian A.
    June 14, 2012 - 19:37

    sad to hear these news!
    I hope your move goes well and you’ll find a cheap short domain.
    If there is anything we could help you with (hosting / developement), you know how to contact us!

    With kind regards from Germany,

    Sebi and Amfy!

    PS: Do you plan on using iframes when adding advertisements?

    • I already bought a new domain (or better: someone bought it for me, and I’ll gradually pay back). I’m going to write a new blog post about it soon, stay tuned 😉

      (by the way, if you check my twitter, you’ll see the new shortener URL there…)

      And no, I’ll avoid using iframes as much as possible. All the ads on the main site are currently based on Javascripts, except some from a different advertising network which I put on some advertising landing pages (for things like adf.ly) – those use iframes.

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