I’m alive!

I haven’t posted anything on this blog recently, but I’m still alive online and I check this blog every day for new comments or software updates. Simply, nothing that deserves a blog post has come to my attention recently, but more than that, is the fact that I’ve been very busy with school and will continue to be. Perhaps after mid-December I’ll have some more time to dedicate to my personal projects.

By the way, I managed to finish the change of the user interface of my URL shortener, 4.l.to, to Bootstrap. It looks really nice. How could I come up with time for this, if I say I have been very busy? Well, working 15 minutes per day on it, for the last days, plus spending an hour yesterday getting it all online. Tell me what you think of my work…

Being busy studying doesn’t mean I’m not online, as I open the browser and stay online, but idle, on sites like FreeVPS.us, Rockbox.org and Slashdot. This means you can still contact me using the cables (or the free wifi ha ha) at any time. Just don’t expect an immediate reply 🙂 .

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