Welcome to the personal website of gbl08ma (the username), Gabriel in the real life. Website that was made with wordpress, not because this is gonna be a (traditional) blog, but because I wanted something nice looking and working, “cheap and quick”, that also worked as a Content Management System.

About me

gbl08ma likes IT, more precisely software and web development. Being a Linux (and open source software in general) lover, but not a fanatic (at least, that’s what he says…), expect him to not be using MS Windows most of the time, much less any kind of software developed by Apple (because when it comes to Apple hardware, I do have an iPod… remastered with Rockbox).

Gabriel/gbl08ma doesn’t like, at all, writing about himself. He does, however, express about himself better in English than in his mother language, Portuguese (yes, because Gabriel is Portuguese, but that ashame him so much that must be written in a really small font size).

gbl08ma is, preferably, the username Gabriel uses all over the internet. Not a solution that he recommends when it comes to privacy protection and internet security, and he knows he must be very careful about what he posts on the internet with a unique username. That’s why, ideally, you won’t find a photo of him on the internet.

If I have a Facebook account? Yes, but only to be able to login to other sites with it. The account is almost empty… I prefer twitter. I have two accounts there, gbl08ma and gbl08ma_tester. The latter one was created just for the purpose of testing certain scripts; now it is used to “spam” who follows it with lots of RSS feeds delivered by dlvr.it.

And that’s all for now 😉

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