Google marked this site as malware!

Following the problems I had with the domain “company”, which consisted of having this domain pointed to a site similar to SedoParking for several days (3 or 4, OK, perhaps not several), without my consent, Google decided to mark this site as malware.

Not that this server has malware: after this, I’m even inclined to show the tree of directories of all things under /var/www on this server just to show the world there’s nothing illegal or dangerous in it.  The problem is that the server (or whoever has control over the domains) decided to point this domain to had malware. Because I’m very lucky (ironic, obviously), Googlebot happened to look to the domain right when it was pointed to a malware site. And now, the site is marked as malware! Damn!

I’m not very angry with Google, but with I have G. Webmasters Tools enabled for this website, and I already sent Google a request for revision of this site, along with a huge comment on the filed reserved for it. Let’s just see if they take a look at it – I can imagine the thousands of revision requests they have to handle every day.

I wonder, will the domain ever get out of all blacklists, or should I just send to the waste (which is where they are already, anyways) and use as the main domain?

I need some comments to make me happy… and make sure they are not against StopBadware’s recommendations! Google’s watching us… well, I think it needs glasses. But that’s another story.

EDIT 21/05/2011: The problem seems solved now… please help me confirm.

EDIT: The story continues…

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