Looks like >90% of the Internet users spend >90% of their WWW-using time on the same 0.001% of websites.

It’s no wonder why plans for a truly decentralized Web never seem to get much traction… how could them, in a time when users’ habits are truly centralized? In fact, I believe the main problem is on the way users use the Web, not the technology iself.
As for the Internet, it is already (comparatively) decentralized.

Do users always know what’s best for them? The past has proven that is not the case…


  1. Well, the outline of the average users (and trust me, in my look for a girlfriend and seeing even in administrative dependencies) led me to know that the only site girl visit, by majority, is Facebook(!) and Hotmail/Outlook(!) both questionable sites, about privacy, and such.

    The solution for your problem is if each country has their own internet, bridged thru a backbone. This means things such as hacking, DDOS, and even copyright violations shall be allowed/disallowed in each country’s internet, without blockage from all other countries as each coutry can by its own declare war, peace etc. However, the US with it’s military power and technical knowledge won’t allow that, as they will lose power that way.

    Also, talking again about the user, there’s short attention span these days, so it’s a no brainer the average will want the most from the internet without giving much effort.

    Just my 2c.

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