I have been upgraded to .com!

Following the latest changes in this website domain, it looks like it will have to edit the URL for this website in wordpress settings again, in no more than a week.

But this time, unlike last time, I’m incredibly happy. No, my birthday is only on 8th October, but the owner of http://freevps.us, dmmcintyre3 has registered for me the domain “myself on .com”, that is,http://gbl08ma.com . Yeah! That’s myself on a .com domain – in case you haven’t understood.

Goodbye malware-false-markings due to the use of crappy free domains! Now I only have to make sure my real TLD is not marked as malware itself.

Now I can freely post URLs for posts in my blog without fear for supposedly containing malware! This is an huge step!

Remember, the Bitcoin donations thing is still valid; at the end, I want to renew this domain next year 🙂

An huge thank you to dmmcintyre3! And to Namecheap for providing cheap domain names.

Website address changed, cya cz.cc!

First of all, sorry for posting nothing on this blog for more than a month. The truth is, school has started, I’ve got to study, after studying I have lots of other things to do, and, in general, posting on this blog has been the last of the priorities. It’s also true that during this month I didn’t come with something worth a blog post. However, in the last days some online events made me direct some attention to this blog and the server it is hosted in.

Some days ago, Pingdom started reporting that gbl08ma.cz.cc was down… and down… and down… not only gbl08ma.cz.cc, but also all the cz.cc domains were down for more than 48 hours – and continue to be, and will never come back up – I explain later. After more than 48 hours of consecutive downtime (and an email inbox full of Pingdom alters), I decided it was time to “wake up” and take some action.

So, I went searching. I knew that everything cz.cc was down, that was a fact. After no more than 30 seconds of Googling, I see the expressions “takes offline”, “cz.cc domains”, “Microsoft” and “Kelihos Botnet” on the same headline.

Before we continue, let me explain: I knew Microsoft and its “secure internet” partners had taken the Kelihos botnet down some days ago, I just didn’t know how that was related to cz.cc subdomains. So don’t take me for as so uninformed as you might think.

…turns out that Microsoft and its partners took the cz.cc domain service down along with the Kelihos botnet. OK, I had assumed this would happen anytime soon, the point is that it just happened before I thought it would be, and it happened before my eyes. So, cz.cc was taken down, after being considered as being a Kelihos partner and containing other multiple issues (we all know the lots of spam and scams operated from cz.cc domains, right?).

Well. Yesterday I was a bit angry with Microsoft, but now I think it was a great thing after all: they shut a bad thing off the internet, while forcing me not to use that horrible domain service anymore. For me, the biggest hassle is updating the URL of this blog on all places I left it. The ideal solution to this free domain problem was to buy a real top-level domain and get off with gbl08ma.com or gbl08ma.net, but as I don’t have enough money to buy a TLD yet, I just moved to the very-reliable and reputable freedns.afraid.org (unlike cz.cc, it isn’t associated with badware or spam).

Plus, afraid.org has some great points compared to cz.cc: since Google banned them from search results, this blog could not be listed on Google; now with afraid.org, I’m still not listed on Google by default, but I can bother Joshua Anderson, the FreeDNS admin, to whitelist this website and allow Google to index it, like he did with my 4.l.to URL shortener. (to Joshua Anderson: if you’re reading this, smile 🙂 ).

There’s even another great thing, apart from not being associated with the “dark side” of the ‘net. The FreeDNS domain I chose is even shorter than the previous one!

Conclusion: The URL for this blog is now http://gbl08ma.l.to. (not anymore, read last update)

I’m progressively updating all references to gbl08ma.cz.cc on the internet to gbl08ma.l.to, as long as it’s under my control; if you ever linked to this website, please update your links; remember to update your bookmarks too, if you had any. Starting now, forget gbl08ma.cz.cc and update your mind to use gbl08ma.l.to. I thank you for not associating this little blog with Kelihos, since it was never associated and never will.

See you!


EDIT: I was trying to configure WP to Twitter plugin to work with the new URL, and at the Twitter developers center, I just discovered that Twitter thinks that l.to domains are malware, too. Damn! What free domains aren’t considered as malware?! I need a TLD… please… oh damn, I can’t pay.

EDIT2: As you should be noticing, the blog is now on a .com domain. So the accurate URL is http://gbl08ma.com

Produce, produce, produce!

One of the important things I’m confirming with this blog is that the more content you produce, and the more variated that content is, and the more variated that content is, the most visits you get. Seems obvious, but yeah, like you’re saying, I’m retarded so this is news for me.

Furthermore, this website is not Search Engine Optimized and I only have 12 blog posts (13 with this one), but yet I get around 12 visits per day.

Now it seems the way is to continue writing great and relevant posts and I’ll see the stats growing 🙂